Bullseye's Playground

Collaboration: Pysop Interactive, Target, Google

Role: IxD Lead, IA, 2D Programming


Bullseye's Playground is an interactive gameworld designed for Target's winter 2014 campaign. The IxD challenge with this project was to design six cross-platform game experiences that worked in 3D and 2D for devices without webGL support. This was a massive undertaking for our small team. Each game also had multiple points of entry and unlockables won by scanning or entering special 'passcodes' found throughout a store. Work progress consisted of a series of wireframe iterations and webGL proof of concepts.

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Grateful Dead

Clients: Steady LTD., Grateful Dead

Role: IxD Lead

Had some fun designing the IxD for the Grateful Dead game website. Use in-game unlockables to earn real-world prizes. Incorporates game achievements, prize store and voting for your favorite GD show.

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Occulus Microbiology VR Simulation

iGEM Bio Team + IMA Collaboration // Bacteria VR Simulation

My first shot at 3D modeling in Cinema4D.

VR Tests in Bloom + Global Illumination. Models made in Cinema4D. Rendered in Unity5.


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Collaboration with Yorgo Alexopoulus (Visual Artist), Hannah Mishkin, @boxysean, Zach Taylor

Role: LED / Embedded Programming, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Yorgo is a Visual Artist who creates installation work and needed some development help on his project CLOUDS001. Thanks to the great work of @boxysean and Hannah Mishkin building the hardware side of things; we were able to dive in and code visualizations for the components with @kandizzy.

We developed a way to render Yorgo's After Effects videos to LED matrixs for some cool effects. The setup featured a network of 20 raspberry pi's, multiple arduinos and tons of LED's and circutry to program visually. This was a fun one and didn't blow up.

More info on Creators Project

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Stella Octangula
Collaborations with Chika, NYC Festival of Light

Role: Arduino, openFrameworks, Leap Motion

Interactive: Use gestures to control the LED Sculpture

Chika is a visual artist whom I program interactive content for. Animations were controlled via openFrameworks and leap motion. This was installed at NYC Festival of Light.

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Internet of Everything Machine

The IoE Machine is an interactive installation powered by the Internet of Everything. The machine intuitively connects to local networks using Cisco technologies to simulate a journey through the city in which it is located. Driven by real-time data such a weather, traffic and local events, both the journey and the final destination will be different every time.

Created using nodejs, openFrameworks, RaspberryPi, Arduino.

For Cisco Live conference 2014.

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openFrameworks app to live project map on moving targets. Kinect depth data and shaders help mask the targets. Image data is sent to Madmapper for live adjustments using Syphon. Workshops taught in collaboration with Chika.

Mappathon Web: http://www.mappathon.com/

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This project is an generative artwork in which visitors interact with via Kinect. Artworks created by visitors are captured via screenshot and blogged by the exhibit. Installed for MOD Digital festival in Guadalajara.

The installation live blogged itself for all to see here: http://genspace.tumblr.com

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Hardware research and creative programming.

Work in collaboration as Maker-in-residence, Intel. Steady Labs and Self Research.


DIY Hardware design and research.

WiFly Kicks - Wireless sneaker prototype.

CMS development for GT, Cannondale Bikes and Tourneau watches.

We GT+Cannondale redesign their inventory system from the ground up. They were keeping track of it on paper and emails - we helped them revision it on the web. The CMS also powers an iPad app, in store touch-screen and other web projects.

Built with Angular

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Nike + Kinect Takeover

Vogue Wish List

Scan an ad in the March issue of American Vogue to shop and share your favorite products. Taking a photo of ads in the magazine with your iOS device will return a list of products on the page.

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Biomodd is a multifaceted socially engaged project that finds meaningful relationships between biology, computers and people. On the most basic level, Biomodd creates symbiotic relationships between plants and computers, and ignites conversations among the community around them.

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Multiplayer Gameplay

The structure is also equipped with a multiplayer game. Collect resources within the game world to power the robotic caretakers within in the sculpture. The plants within feed off the computers waste heat while playing and help cool them down in the process.

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Addon for openFrameworks.

Open source tool for developing interactive installations. Essentially a display tree, for building more complex states and event management. All done possible thanks to STEADY Ltd, @kandizzy and @mikemanh.

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